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PSU2-3.3 17V to 3.3V 1A High Efficient Regulator

This is a 3.3V 1A switch-mode voltage regulator. It is a high-efficiency replacement for popular three-terminal linear regulators.
It is pin-to-pin compatible with the common LM7805 linear regulators.
The maximum output is 1A of continuous current. It is a true drop in replacement for a TO-220 LM7805.
All the required capacitors are included on the module, no external capacitors are required.
No heatsink required, even at 1A continuous.
The output voltage guaranteed to be within +/-4% tolerance.
The module has thermal shutdown and current limit protection.
Definitely no heatsink required.
The board is small in size and breadboard friendly, making it an ideal solutions for breadboard prototyping.


• Drop-in replacement of 3-terminal LM7805 or equivalent linear voltage regulator.
• Guaranteed 1A output current
• Wide input voltage range up to 7V to 17V
• High efficiency, greater than 70% for loads greater than 1mA, peak efficiency achieved of 90% at 300mA load current.
• Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
• Breadboard friendly
• Board dimensions are 0.51" x 0.75" or 12.9mm x 19mm excluding pins. With pins 1.09" or 27.75mm.
• Definitely no heatsink required.
• All components are mounted on one side of the PCB
• Highest component is the plastic of the connector at 0.15", Next highest is the inductor at 0.121" including the thickness of the PCB
• Available with straight or right angled pins.
• Weighs only 0.04 Ounce or 1.3g, ideal for RC model aircraft or quadcopters
• Can drive inductive loads such as DC motors.
• 2.2MHz Switching Frequency
• Made in the USA

Left: VIN
Mid: Gnd
Right: VOUT

The photographs show an LM7805 next to the PSU2-3.3 module for a size comparison.

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