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H206 Opto-Coupler Speed Sensor With Kit

• H206 Fiberglass Photo Coupler
• Operating Voltage: 5V
• Blocking: Output Low
• Non-blocking: Output High
• Schmitt Triggered Output For Noise Immunity
• Operating Temperature: -20°C - 65°C
• Speed Encoder Included

Bipolar Specification:
• Reverse Voltage: 5V
• Forward Current: 60mA
• Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage: 25V
• Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage: 5V
• Output Power Dissipation: 50 mW

Diode Specification:
• Forward Voltage: 1.5V Max
• Reverse Current: 10uA Max
• Collector Emitter Leakage Current: 1uA Max
• Conduct Current: 250uA Min
• Saturated Voltage:0.4V Max
• Rising Edge Delay: 10us
• Falling Edge Delay: 10us
• DC Current Transfer Ratio: 10% Min

4" x 4.7" x 4.4"

For More Information Please Visit:
Explanation of Photocoupler/Optocoupler Specifications

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H206 Opto-Coupler Speed Sensor

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