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A DIY robot car chassis inventor kit set includes eLab Peers Einsboard that is fully compatible with Arduino UNO, Motor Driver, Ultrasonic sensor, Bluetooth Module and 4-Channel Automatic Robot Tracking Sensor which enable the robot doing several jobs including obstacles avoidance, remote-controlled and line-following.

Supported by eLab Peers with huge amount of codes, libraries and resources that provided online, this smart car is a very well designed platform which allows different accessories to be added - From the first "Hello World" project by blinking a LED to much more sophisticated robot project by controlling a series of servos and modules with your Einsboard!

The design involves mechanical structure, electronic-based sensor principle, automatic control, and even knowledge of Arduino programming. We hope users can greatly improve their knowledge of electronics, robotics, controls, mechanical, and even soldering technique through hands-on practice.

• Smart Car Robot With Chassis And Kit [Round] x 1
• eLab Peers Einsboard with USB cable x 1
• L298P 2A Motor Driver Arduino Shield x 1
• HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor with Servo and Rack x 1
• 4-Channel Automatic Robot Tracking Sensor x 1
• BC417 Bluetooth to Serial [Arduino] x 1
• Opto-coupler Speed Sensor x 2
• Speed Encoder x 2
• 9V Battery Box x 1
• AA x 4 Battery Box x 1
• 40pc DuPont Wires [Male to Female] x 1
• 40pc DuPont Wires [Male to Male] x 1
• 220 ohm Resistor x 2
• Electrolytic Capacitor x 1
• LED in Red x 1
• LED in Green x 1
• Small Breadboard x 1
• Swivel Caster x 2
• Switch x 1
• Tape in Black Color x 1
• Set of Metal Standoffs x 1
• Set of Screws and Nuts x 1

Batteries are not included

15" x 9" x 5"

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