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DIY Line Tracking Smart Car [Programming Not Required]

A fun DIY no programming required line tracking Smart Car.

A DIY Smart Car design involves mechanical structure, electronic-based sensor principle, automatic
control, and even knowledge of microcontroller programming. We hope users can greatly improve
their knowledge of electronics, robotics, controls, mechanical, and even soldering technique
through hands-on practice.

We all know that when light shines on a white or black object the reflective rate is different. This
Smart Car uses a red LED as a light source, and the light reflected from the surface would be detected by
the photoresistor. It detects white versus dark surface, if a darker surface is on the right side, the
right motor would stop and vice versa, so the car can always run along a dark trail.

This smart car is a very well designed platform which allows different accessories to be added. With
innovative thinking it can be converted to fighting robots, remote-controlled cars and so on.

Building this car involved very hot soldering. Assemble the car with guardian if you younger than 18
years old.

Things you will learn:
• Robotics Control
• How to read electrical schematic
• How is LM393 used as comparator
• How does PNP transistor work
• How does LED work
• How does Photoresistor work
• How does Potentiometer work
• Reading resistor color codes
• Improve soldering skill

Things that you need but not included with the kit:
• Soldering Iron
• Solder
• Solder wick (for desoldering)
• Screw Driver

• 3.5" x 4.5' x 2"

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