If you wanna run Arduino for gaming, why not try Arduino Esplora? It has onboard input sensors including a joystick, a slider, a temperature sensor, an accelerometer, a microphone, and a light sensor. It also provides sound and light output. Actually you can put a TFT LCD screen at the middle socket of the Esplora.

Arduino Esplora

Solid State 8-Channel Relay has eight OMRON 5V solid state relays with excellent quality and performance. There is onboard resistive fuse (240V 2A) to make it more safe. 

Solid State 8-Channel Relay

The last one is 16x16 Dot LED Matrix Display Module. I love this guy coz it not only can show different patterns and makes them move, but also can play "Snake" with this stuff, just like the game on Nokia mobile phones!

16x16 Dot LED Matrix Display Module

That's all for today's stuffs. We will show you more next time. Thanks for reading. See you!