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32-bit Embedded Controller Programmed in BASIC

The EzSBC1 is a 32-bit embedded controller programmed in BASIC for controlling robots, industrial processes or measuring systems. It requires a single 5V supply to operate.

The EzSBC1 is designed for people who need to get things done. It avoids roadblocks in your project by having tons of memory, 64-bit floating point and 32-bit integer arithmetic right at your fingertips. String processing is powerful and strings can contain any eight bit value including 0. I2C, SPI, PWM and serial IO are all built in and easy to use. No compiler to deal with.

The code can be single stepped directly on the EzSBC1. You can insert breakpoints in your code anywhere, as many as you want. A single keystroke displays the value of all the integer and floating point variables in the program. Code stuck in a loop and you don't know where? Hit Ctrl-C and the program breaks into single step mode so you can see exactly what is going on. When you have finished debugging your code you can have it run on power up and without Ctrl-C halting the program. If you want to sell your system you simply add a password to your setup and only you can access the code on the EzSBC1.

Your code can be protected with a password that prevents the code from being listed, edited or single stepped. The password protected code can still be executed.

• 60MHz ARM LPC2136 in a 40-pin DIP format
• Flash Memory 256k, 128k available for program storage, divided into two banks
• Static RAM 30K for program use
• Programmed via on-board editor or program download in structured BASIC
• Program Execution Speed: ~50,000 BASIC instructions/sec
• Full 64-bit Floating Point calculations, Trigonometric Functions, Log, Exp, Sqrt (See Speed Test)
• 16-Channel 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter
• 10-Bit Digital to Analog Converter
• 33 Digital I/O Pins, 4 with PWM capability, 4 Open Drain
• Real Time Clock and 32.768 kHz Crystal
• I2C up to 400kHz
• SPI Master
• Full duplex UART serial port
• 4 LED's on board, Red, Green, Orange and Blue
• Built in Reset controller for reliable start up and brown out detection
• Reset Switch
• All system signals are available on the 40-pin connector
• Operates on +5 volts
• Power consumption is less than 75mA
• Operating temperature 0 to 70C
• RTC can be battery powered
• Built in Debugging with Single Step and Variable Display
• Programmable Single Step, See SSTEP in the Language Reference
• 30k RAM, room for thousands of variables, long strings
• 64k Program space, room for 20,000 lines of code (or more)
• Multidimensional arrays Sin, Cos, Tan, ASin, ACos, ATan, Log, Exp, Mod, Sqrt, PI, all 64 bit
• Strings of any length, limited only by memory. Left$, Mid$, Right$, Trim$
• FOR Loop, can be nested
• IF THEN ELSE ENDIF with any number of instructions in the THEN and ELSE blocks
• REPEAT UNTIL loops, any number of instructions in the loop. Can be nested and used inside IF THEN ELSE blocks
• WHILE WEND loops, any number of instructions in the loop. Can be nested and used inside IF THEN ELSE blocks
• Time$, SetTime, Wait, Delay
• I2C control function to read one or more byte, write one or more bytes at any speed, with timeout
• TONE pin, freq, duration generates a square wave of a defined frequency on any output pin for a given duration
• Multiple output pins can be set high or low with a single instruction. HI 12,16, 30 will set pins 12, 16 and 30 high in that order
• Generate up to four PWM signals with 32 bit accuracy in the background
• Access a 100us background timer for measuring execution time and for doing precision timed events
• Program can run automatically after power-up. Program can run from either bank on power-up
• Code can be edited directly on the EzSBC1 with the built in editor
• Serial ports are interrupt driven and have 128-byte receive buffers
• 100us background timer tick accessible from BASIC for timed events
• Tiny Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator
• RTC tracks time, day of week, month, year and leap years.
• Non-volatile memory for configuration strings, 4k byte

2.4" x 0.8" x 0.5"

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